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Jiangyin Dongfang Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Co., Ltd is an enterprise for professional researching,opening,producing and selling pipe fittings. It is located in shanguan town, jiangyin city, Jiangsu province.

Several-year processing experince and improving production technology, development of researching and producing team and setting up the sale networks have made us grow up and become a strong enterprise of pipe fittings, the products contains flange, tee, cross, elbow, cap, reducer, bend and other pipe fittings, specilized in ANSI...

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Among them, the seamless product specification ranges from DN15-DN600, the seamed product specification ranges from DN300-DN1800, and the flange type mainly includes WN, SW, SO, LJ, THR, and BL. The ANSI/ASME, MSS, DIN, JIS, and GB are mainly used. SH...

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Welcome to Jiangyin Dongfang Pipe Fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Our company will serve you wholeheartedly. You can give us a message, you can also contact us directly. It is our mission to provide our customers with high quality and all-around services...

Requirements for steel plate material for stainless steel tube.
What is the requirement of the steel plate material used in stainless steel tube straight pipe? The details are as follows:

1 steel plate material

(1) steel plate manufacturers: steel plates produce
What are reducer applications
1. When the flow rate of the fluid in the pipeline changes, such as increase or decrease, and the change of flow rate is not great, the reducer should be adopted.

2. In the inlet of the pump, the red
Socket bend and thread bend.
Forging bend mainly include socket welding elbow and thread Angle, including forging bend and 45 ° forging bend, 90 ° forging bend, forged socket welding elbow pressure are divided into: 3000 lb, 6000
Socket bend
The socket bend is mainly made of round steel or ingot moulding forging, and then a high-voltage elbow pipe connecting fitting is made by lathe machine. It is a kind of forging socket pipe fitting. Co
The pressure grade and material of the socket pipe.
The pressure grade is divided according to the pressure level: 3000LB, 6000LB, 9000LB or SCH80, SCH160, XXS commonly used to make the material for the common raw materials of carbon steel, stainless s
Reducing pipe (size head)
The reducer is one of the chemical pipe fittings and is used for the connection of two different pipe diameters. It is divided into concentric size head and eccentric head. When the projection of the 


Summary information
1).Productsname: Plateflange2).Material:carbonsteel,stainlesssteelandalloysteel.3).Productrange:SO,WN,Thread,SW,Blindect.4).Standard:ANSI,JIS,DIN,BS,GB,SH,HGect.5).Size:allsizes.6).Placeoforigin:Jiang
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